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Professional Training and Certification

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one on one hands on 

Bloom Esthetics is Winnipeg's newest Beauty Bar providing you with the highest level of education in Eyelashes, Teeth Whitening and Brows. It is our passion to supply you with the training you need to succeed in the beauty industry.


Brow lamination Certification

No Prerequisites Required

Course Introduction

Brow Lamination is the newest trend to hit the Brow Industry. It creates a more full, and fluffy brow look by reshaping the direction of the hair. It is a great way to introduce your clients to brow fullness before they dive into microblading. The results will help your clients tame unruly brow hairs, or give that stunning look of a brow lift! The results are instant and last 6-8 weeks depending on the natural hair growth cycle. With Brow lamination you will also learn about brow shaping and tinting. Brow shaping is the processes of finding the perfect shape for your clients bone structure and face shape through mapping and waxing. To show case that beautifully new laminated and shaped brow you need tinting! Tinting is the process of coloring the natural brow hairs. It is important to have precise application, timing and patch testing.

Course Details


Bloom Academy classes are one on one, which means you will receive dedicated attention, hands on training to prepare you for starting your Brow business. You will graduate your course feeling confident and prepared. In our 1 day course you will learn Theory which will cover, Fundamentals of brow laminations, Brow shaping and Tinting, The perfect consultation, Product knowledge and Storage, -Marketing, Photography, and much more! You will learn with practical hands on training working with live models and leave feeling confident and prepared to start your Brow Business!

Our Brow Lamination Course is 1 Day

You will receive

  • Kit supplies to serve 20 clients

  • Continuous mentoring 

  • Student discount code to Bloom supplies

  • Opportunity to become a Brand Ambassdor

  • Brow Lamination Certificate

    $900 with financing available

Course Overview

I had the best experience at Bloom
I took my brow lamination and my lash lift and tint course with Danielle and she is the best instructor I wish I met and learned from her 3 years ago .. she made me feel so comfortable and confident I really appreciate her sharing her knowledge with me and with others.❤️ Thank you 😊




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Now accepting Financing FOR ALL Educational COURSES

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