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our bloom story

Here at Bloom, our mission is to make you feel like the most confident version of you no matter what that means. We are here to help you fulfill your esthetics needs and not only be a place that you come for your services, but a place where you can get away from the stress of everyday life. Once you come to Bloom you will always want to come back.. 


Our CEO and founder Danielle has always had a passion for beauty. She has always dreamed of having her own salon studio where people would come to build their self confidence and a safe space they could let go and relax. She dreamed of a place that not only offered all of the Esthetics services but so much more and now her dream has come true with Bloom where she gets to serve you. 

Let her tell you a little bit more about her story:


Ever since I was a young girl I had a dream to help people feel beautiful and confident. Growing up with 3 sisters provided exactly what i needed, built in models lol


After high school, I became a mother to two beautiful little boys. Still feeling that strong pull to the beauty industry I went to Hair school, where I practiced as a hairstylist for 6 years. Even though I wanted to work with clients, I had a passion to teach. So I left my secure hairstyling career and all my clients to go pursue a career in hair education at a local school in Winnipeg.


life seemed to have another plan for me, after a lot of down times and feeling like I chose the wrong path, a door was opened for me to pursue lash education. I truly believe everything happens for a reason. I received top education in lashing and began working independently from my home serving clients in lashes and hair. 

Over the next couple of years I grew my education in Teeth 
Whitening, Brow Bar services and training in education to teach my own students! My at home business grew rapidly. I was also blessed with the birth of my beautiful baby girl (who you will sometimes see playing receptionist at Bloom lol) and Covid hit us. Not being able to serve my clients in home made me really take a closer look at what I truly wanted for my family life and my career.


During this crazy time of shut downs I felt this huge pull to open a store front location. I had dreams at night with visions of a big white space with tall exposed ceilings and so many voices with laughter from people enjoying their experience. Waking up from this dream I instantly knew what I had to do and just began writing notes in my journal. Fast forward over the next year of learning about business, dealing with restrictions and shut downs, I walked into 1851 Portage Avenue...and there it vision. I knew I was on the right path. Everything began to just fall into place.

Reno's began, I started hiring staff, ordering supplies, and advertising. But something just didn't feel right...The stress of being a mother of 3, a manager, business owner, supervisor, receptionist and serving my own clients was so taxing. I felt a pull to change, ignoring that feeling I continued to try to grow my business the way I thought I needed too. I took a step back from serving my clients and focused on my business. After a while I felt depressed. I missed my clients, I missed interacting with people, making people feel beautiful and confident...then someone approached me, asking me if I could help them open their own small business inside of Bloom. I then realized the change. 

One after another, an entrepreneur would approach me asking me to help them, this is when i knew I had to change my business modo. I'm supposed to help people grow...thats why I had the dream/vision of my business called Bloom...I'm supposed to help people Bloom into themselves, Bloom with confidence from serves but also Bloom as an entrepreneur. Over the last year I have been blessed with being able to work with my own clients again, and watch men and women come into Bloom having no prior business and me help them from the ground up! 

At Bloom you wont be just going to a salon/studio for a service, you will be going to a space to see a individual professional that has the passion to love and serve you!
Now please, come and take a look at Bloom's amazingly talented, beautiful souled professionals at our Serve Providers page. You will find a picture of your professional, a little biography of themselves and what they do, as well as a link to book your appointment directly with them!

Much love...Danielle


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